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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    MIPI Lifetime Achievement Award and MIPI Camera Working Group – A Conversation with Tom Kopet

    Q: Congrats on your recent MIPI Lifetime Achievement award. Tell us how long you’ve been involved with MIPI, which working groups you participate in and a bit about your background.

    Thank you! It’s still surprising to me that I’ve been involved with MIPI for over 15 years. My technical career began about 40 years ago in the aerospace defense business, initially focused on DSP and image processing software and algorithms, and later moving to digital chip architectures and systems for applications such as high-speed IEEE floating point arithmetic and real-time MPEG video compression. I joined Micron Imaging in 2003, the precursor to Aptina Imaging, and image sensors have been my focus since then. Aptina was acquired by ON Semiconductor in 2014, and I’ve had the privilege of successively representing Micron, Aptina, and ON as a MIPI Camera Working Group (CWG) member since the early days of the group. I’ve served as CWG vice chair for the last four years or so. I also occasionally participate in the PHY working group and generally try to keep up with most MIPI technical activities.

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    MIPI A-PHY v1.0 SerDes Specification for Automotive Now Available

    Innovations in automotive safety, automation and connectivity, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), comprehensive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and autonomous driving systems, are transforming vehicle design. New models coming in the next few years will have more high-resolution cameras, more advanced radar and lidar sensors, and more high-definition displays. All this will depend on reliable high-performance connections between sensors and displays and onboard computers, with functional safety and security built in.

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    Virtual MIPI DevCon Offers Two Days of Technical Sessions and Demos

    From 5G to automotive to IoT, the session topics on the MIPI DevCon 2020 Agenda span a range of interests in mobile and beyond. An impressive lineup of speakers – industry experts, MIPI working group leaders and implementers of MIPI specifications – will deliver in-depth technical presentations and participate in panel discussions at the virtual event on 22-23 September, 07:00 to 11:00 (PDT).

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    Developer Kits with MIPI Camera And Display Support Provide a Fast Track for Designs

    Advanced high-resolution cameras and displays are at the core of many new electronic devices, enabling continuously more sophisticated vision-based services and enhanced user experiences. Integrated cameras and displays can now be found in a wide array of devices, from traditional devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, to a new wave of connected devices within the “Internet of Things,” encompassing every type of connected device imaginable.

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    Featured in Embedded Computing Design, Electronic Design and Connector Supplier: MIPI RFFE v3.0 and MIPI A-PHY v1.0

    MIPI Alliance members work diligently to develop and release new versions of interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced devices to anticipate new applications and market needs. Recently MIPI released MIPI RFFE v3.0SM and completed development of MIPI A-PHYSM v1.0. Both are notable achievements for MIPI members and the broader ecosystems they serve.

    You can learn more about the specifications in these recent industry articles.

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    MIPI Lifetime Achievement Award and MIPI DevCon 2020 – A Conversation with Roy Chestnut

    Q: You were recently presented with a MIPI Lifetime Achievement Award for the instrumental role you play as chair and vice chair for MIPI DevCon, among other MIPI contributions. Congratulations!

    Thank you very much. It's an honor to be recognized.

    Q: Tell us about how DevCon got started, how you got involved, and how it has evolved.

    We've been holding an annual MIPI Developers Conference (DevCon) since 2016. Before that, we frequently held “demo days” in conjunction with MIPI member meetings. These events typically featured several presentations, along with tabletop demos conducted by member companies, and we'd invite local members, nonmembers and the media.

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