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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    Jim Ross, Victor Wilkerson and Lalan Mishra, MIPI RFFE Working Group Chair and Vice Chairs

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    Upcoming MIPI RFFE v3.0 Paves Way for 5G

    With its 1000x data traffic capacity-enhancing ability over 4G, the promise of 5G technology is set to herald a whole new era in wireless communications. Beyond delivering a richer and ubiquitous immersive multimedia experience, it is going to transform communication and control for industrial and automotive applications. The self-driving-car revolution is poised to use 5G as its central pillar. With an entirely new class of Internet of Things (IoT) devices using distributed wireless sensing and shared artificial intelligence (AI), it has already started harnessing the power of 5G. The true potential of 5G wireless technology is limited only by one’s imagination. Its scope is truly boundless. And, behind its far-reaching abilities lies the hidden complexities of wireless technology for which the MIPI RF Front End Control Interface (MIPI RFFE℠) specification is a key enabler.

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