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    Hezi Saar, MIPI Alliance Board Member

    Hezi Saar, MIPI Alliance Board Member

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    A Deep Dive into MIPI A-PHY and its Benefits for Automotive

    Written by: Hezi Saar, MIPI Alliance Board Member
    12 January 2021

    Update: MIPI A-PHY was adopted as an IEEE standard in June 2021 and is also available as IEEE 2977-2021.

    MIPI interface protocols are widely used in automotive to connect cameras, sensors, displays and other components to automotive systems on chips (SoCs). In a previous blog post, I detailed the automotive applications of MIPI CSI-2® and MIPI DSI-2SM, MIPI’s camera and display protocols, which have been broadly implemented in the industry. In September, the Alliance released MIPI A-PHYSM v1.0, the first asymmetric industry-standard, long-reach serializer-deserializer (SerDes) physical layer interface. In this post, I'll take a deep dive into MIPI A-PHY and provide a look at its key features and how they benefit some common automotive applications.

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    Tags: MIPI A-PHY, Automotive

    A Look Under the Hood at MIPI CSI-2 and MIPI DSI-2 in Automotive

    Written by: Hezi Saar, MIPI Alliance Board Member
    28 January 2020

    Rapidly emerging automotive technology is generating new demands for common standards in cameras and displays, essential components for both advanced driving assistance, autonomous vehicles and infotainment for years to come. The MIPI Alliance is already addressing these needs through constant improvement of its camera and display specifications, which have evolved from the earliest protocols that MIPI Alliance introduced to help kick-start the smartphone industry more than a decade ago.

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    Tags: Automotive, Camera, Display
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