A base protocol for application-specific trace functions

The MIPI System Trace Protocol (MIPI STPSM) was developed as a generic base protocol that can be shared by multiple, application-specific trace protocols. It was not intended to supplant or replace the highly optimized protocols used to convey data about processor program flow, timing or low-level bus transactions, but rather, STP is designed so that its data streams coexist with these optimized protocols as part of a complete debug system.

The STP protocol, developed by the MIPI Debug Working Group, is now in its second generation (v2.2), and is backward compatible with the first generation. To learn more about MIPI Debug specifications, please visit the Debug section of the MIPI website.

All MIPI debug and trace specifications, including MIPI STP, are available for download and use by the public and the open source community. Members of the MIPI Alliance enjoy benefits including access to relevant licenses and opportunities to participate in development activities, interoperability workshops and other events.

For information about MIPI Alliance membership, visit Join MIPI.