Enables developers to easily discover and use MIPI SoundWire drivers

The MIPI DisCoSM for SoundWire® specification defines a discovery and configuration (DisCo) mechanism for MIPI SoundWire Devices (Controllers, Masters, and Slaves) based on the MIPI Alliance Discovery and Configuration Base Specification (DisCo), a uniform ACPI-based software architecture for enumerating controllers, busses, and devices that support the MIPI Alliance interface specifications. MIPI DisCo is based on the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), which is widely used in the PC industry to enumerate devices and functions, describe their capabilities, and manage their power states. It is supported by prominent operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft’s Windows, Apple operating systems and others.

The first class specification, MIPI DisCo for SoundWire, streamlines software integration of amplifiers, microphones, and audio codecs that are built into smartphones, tablets, mobile PCs, automobiles and other IoT devices that use the MIPI SoundWire interface. MIPI DisCo for SoundWire enables developers to easily discover and use MIPI SoundWire drivers without implementing custom drivers for each device. This specification is used in conjunction with MIPI DisCo Base Specifications, which define the capabilities of specific devices and controllers. The family of applications will also include a MIPI DisCo Host Controller Interface, which will allow a driver running on a platform to interconnect with devices connected on that bus.

MIPI Alliance also welcomes contributions to the specification. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at software@mipi.org for more information.

MIPI DisCo specifications are open to the public.

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