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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    IoT Market “Reality Checked” at MIPI DevCon 2020

    In the closing session of MIPI DevCon 2020, a panel of IoT experts convened to assess the current state of the “Internet of Things” and answer fundamental questions such as, “Is the IoT transitioning from hype to reality?”

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    The Internet of Things is Here — With MIPI Specifications at its Core

    Read the new white paper, MIPI Alliance: Enabling the IoT Opportunity" »

    Over the past decade, MIPI specifications have become firmly rooted into the core of smartphones, connecting the sensors, cameras, displays, radios and other components that are fundamental to these devices. It is fascinating to watch as these core mobile technologies are adopted by other market sectors — enabling a range of new use cases, unlocking commercial value, and fueling the massive growth of the “Internet of Things.” 

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