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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    MIPI Alliance Delivers New I3C Basic Specification

    When it was released in January 2017, the MIPI I3C specification came as a big relief to developers struggling to keep up with the proliferation of sensors in smartphones, semi-autonomous vehicles, drones and other mobile-connected products. From the start, we saw interest from companies large and small, and inside and outside of mobile, as well as other standards organizations, students, researchers and even hobbyists who welcomed it as a replacement to the aging, but ubiquitous I2C. To help spur innovation and grow the MIPI ecosystem, we just released MIPI I3C Basic v1.0, a subset of MIPI I3C that bundles the most commonly needed features, including:

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    Members Test MIPI I3C Interoperability in Seoul

    In conjunction with the MIPI Member Meeting #49 in Seoul, the Sensor Working Group hosted the MIPI I3C® Interop Workshop on 15-16 October. The event drew 19 representatives from eight member companies.

    "MIPI's I3C workshops help members ensure interoperability of their components, improve product quality, speed the development process and optimize the manufacturability of their designs,” said Ken Foust, chair of the MIPI Alliance Sensor Working Group. "Participants regard these events as an essential step in the product development process because the testing and debugging activities take place in real-world system integration environments."

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