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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    MIPI Debug and Trace Featured in Embedded Computing Design and Electronics Media

    Earlier this year, the full lineup of MIPI debug and trace specifications was made available to the broader community, giving developers not only a standard, layered set of interfaces and protocols, but also an alternative to using expensive proprietary testing tools.

    In recent articles in Electronics Media and Embedded Computing Design, Enrico Carrieri, chair of the MIPI Debug Working Group, shares how MIPI Alliance’s broad portfolio of debug and trace specifications can be used to streamline development for mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, automotive and many other applications.

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    MIPI Alliance Releases Debug and Trace Specifications to Developers

    The MIPI Alliance's broad portfolio of debug and trace specifications has streamlined device development both in and beyond the mobile industry. MIPI Alliance members that have adopted these specifications as alternatives to using dedicated debug and trace equipment have cut costs and accelerated the development of high-quality products.

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    Good News: MIPI SyS-T Is Now Part of Linux Kernel

    MIPI System Software – Trace (MIPI SyS-TSM), a system-level tracing protocol, is now easier for software developers to integrate in many mobile systems. An implementation of SyS-T has been added to the Linux kernel, making it instantly available for systems based on Linux, including IoT devices running embedded Linux.

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    MIPI Previews Debug and Test Specifications at TestConX 2019

    MIPI Alliance was well-represented at TestConX 2019, the premier conference on testing of integrated circuits, which took place in Mesa, Arizona, in early March. TestConX is in its 20th year and evolved from the BiTS (Burn-In & Test Strategies) Workshop to now include system-level testing and validation (hence, the name change).

    I presented along with two of my colleagues from Intel – Rolf Kühnis, Senior Principal Engineer, and Brad Smith, Systems Architect. Our presentations focused on MIPI innovations for mobile device debug and test, including previews of two specifications coming this year that are optimized for low-bandwidth interfaces: MIPI Debug for I3CSM and MIPI SneakPeek ProtocolSM v2.0, which introduces the “TinySPP” style. TestConX gave us the opportunity to share these new technologies with the larger test and validation community.

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    Standardizing Debug and Trace Interfaces for a Rapidly Evolving Mobile World

    Today, signals and interfaces that used to be visible at test points on a PCB are now embedded in SoCs, so for those of us involved in debug and trace, it’s made our work much more difficult. Of course, new techniques have emerged, but dealing with these separate approaches often adds work and slows time to market.

    To streamline development, the industry needs to converge on common interfaces and protocols used by these new technologies. Within the MIPI Debug Working Group (Debug WG), we’ve been taking on that task.

    Over the last several years, we’ve created a broad portfolio of standards and recommendations available to product developers and tool vendors. If you want to learn more or get involved, check out the Debug WG webpage.

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