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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    MIPI CSI-2’s Newest Frontier: Machine Awareness

    One of the challenges we humans have is that our ability to perceive things around us and to make sense of the world relies on abstractions based upon mental constructs. It’s a limited capability. And what we have come to realize is that enabling machines to become aware of our surroundings and act on behalf of our well-being and work for us will dramatically enrich our lives. But this machine intelligence remains limited, too, in no small part because it is blind. Giving sight to machines will enable vision for real-time perception and decision making.

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    Powering AI and Automotive Applications with the MIPI Camera Interface

    Editor’s note: MIPI CSI-2 over C-PHY, D-PHY and the upcoming A-PHY are end-to-end imaging conduit solutions mapped to mobile, client (e.g., notebooks and all-in-one PCs), IoT and autonomous (e.g., automotive and drone) platforms, and support a broad range of imaging and vision applications. This article highlights automotive-related use cases and capabilities using CSI-2 over D-PHY.

    The initial version of MIPI CSI-2SM, released in November 2005, was designed to connect cameras to processors in mobile phones. But like many MIPI specifications, MIPI CSI-2 quickly found its way into other applications and has become the de facto standard for camera interfaces for automotive, drones, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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    Tags: Automotive, Camera, AI
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