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    Building on 16 Years of Success: The 2019 Update to MIPI Alliance’s IPR Terms

    Written by: Brad Biddle, MIPI Counsel
    8 August 2019

    In January 2019, MIPI Alliance announced an update to its membership agreement that altered certain intellectual property-related terms. The update became effective for all members in March. This article explains the changes that were made and provides a general overview of MIPI Alliance’s approach to intellectual property.

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    MIPI DisCo for I3C Streamlines Software Integration for I3C Components

    The MIPI Discovery and Configuration (MIPI DisCoSM) Base Specification, which simplifies the software integration of external devices in mobile and mobile-influenced systems, now forms the basis of a new specification for integrating MIPI I3C® components.

    The growing range of DisCo specifications define the properties of MIPI devices and components, and conveys those properties to operating systems in an architecturally defined manner. The DisCo Base Specification, along with class specifications for various MIPI interfaces, eliminates much of the work of developing and implementing drivers for external devices. For system developers, this can shorten time to market and cut system development cost.

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    Featured in Electronic Design: MIPI I3C and I3C Basic

    Several months ago, MIPI I3C BasicSM, a subset of the MIPI I3C bus interface, was made available to the broader developer community without MIPI membership to foster greater interoperability and innovation in industries beyond mobile, including IoT and automotive.

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    Welcome New Members - 2nd Quarter 2019

    MIPI would like to welcome 20 companies that joined the Alliance or reinstated their memberships from 1 April to 30 June. We look forward to working with these companies joining the 300+ MIPI members worldwide developing and implementing MIPI specifications.

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    Working Groups Advance MIPI Priorities at Member Meeting #51

    MIPI Alliance welcomed 145 participants, representing 46 member companies, to Milan, Italy, 17-21 June, for MIPI Member Meeting Europe #51. Throughout the week, participants collaborated within 17 groups to advance MIPI specifications and strategic priorities, plan development and marketing activities, and network with colleagues from around the globe.

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    An Automotive Analyst’s Perspective – A Conversation with Antonio Garzón

    Q: Briefly, how would you characterize the current automotive electronics market?

    Despite stagnant vehicle production levels around the world and the tariff war’s impact on the semiconductor markets, the proliferation of electronics found in cars will still continue to grow. This growth is boosted by the connectivity, electrification and autonomy trends that have been taking shape for several years. The current disruption of the vehicle architecture represents a great challenge for the whole automotive electronics supply chain, and we are already seeing a lot of movement with startups, mergers, acquisitions and interesting partnerships at every level.

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