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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    Standardizing Debug and Trace Interfaces for a Rapidly Evolving Mobile World

    Today, signals and interfaces that used to be visible at test points on a PCB are now embedded in SoCs, so for those of us involved in debug and trace, it’s made our work much more difficult. Of course, new techniques have emerged, but dealing with these separate approaches often adds work and slows time to market.

    To streamline development, the industry needs to converge on common interfaces and protocols used by these new technologies. Within the MIPI Debug Working Group (Debug WG), we’ve been taking on that task.

    Over the last several years, we’ve created a broad portfolio of standards and recommendations available to product developers and tool vendors. If you want to learn more or get involved, check out the Debug WG webpage.

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    Join Us at CES 2019

    Written by: Rob Anhofer, MIPI Director of Operations
    31 December 2018

    It’s always exciting to kick off a fresh new year amid the hustle and bustle of CES in Las Vegas, and I’m looking forward to representing MIPI once again alongside MIPI Managing Director Peter Lefkin.

    I’m sure CES 2019 will be just as informative as past events -- highlights from last year included the keynotes ”Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 5G Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Virtual Reality,” from Intel and ”Exploration on Future Connectivity and Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and New Smart Devices,” from Huawei; along with a keynote panel on “How 5G will Enable the Future.”

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    2018 Highlights: Milestones from Our 15th Year

    Written by: Peter Lefkin, MIPI Managing Director
    27 December 2018

    Looking back at our accomplishments and progress over this past year, I am struck by how much we can achieve with the support of our members. In 2018, MIPI adopted 11 specifications, hosted a DevCon event with record participation, advanced initiatives in key areas, established strategic priorities and released new resources, including a major 5G white paper and a half-dozen webinars.

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    Autonomous Vehicle Technology Names MIPI Alliance a 2019 ACES Award Winner in Consortia Category

    "Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus." – Simon Mainwaring, author and founder of We First

    Recognizing the need for alliances and other industry groups to work together to solve the complex challenges faced by an industry undergoing enormous change, Autonomous Vehicle Technology magazine has named MIPI Alliance a 2019 ACES Award winner in its Autonomy, Consortia category.

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    How MIPI M-PHY and UniPro Will Power Next-Generation Use Cases for Mobile and Beyond

    MIPI's M-PHY® v4.1 and UniPro® v1.8 specifications feature powerful innovations that increase the performance and quality of mobile device interconnects. In flash storage interconnects, the M-PHY physical layer and UniPro link layer form an ideal combination.

    Let's take a look at a few use cases for these specifications.

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    MIPI Alliance Delivers New I3C Basic Specification

    When it was released in January 2017, the MIPI I3C specification came as a big relief to developers struggling to keep up with the proliferation of sensors in smartphones, semi-autonomous vehicles, drones and other mobile-connected products. From the start, we saw interest from companies large and small, and inside and outside of mobile, as well as other standards organizations, students, researchers and even hobbyists who welcomed it as a replacement to the aging, but ubiquitous I2C. To help spur innovation and grow the MIPI ecosystem, we just released MIPI I3C Basic v1.0, a subset of MIPI I3C that bundles the most commonly needed features, including:

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