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    The Wires Behind Wireless

    MIPI A-PHY Featured in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

    Improvements to driver assistance and self-driving systems hinge on collecting and using more data about a car’s surroundings. However, most vehicle networks were not built to support advanced features such as lane-keeping systems and multiple dash displays. As the industry moves toward self-driving and highly automated vehicles, automakers need new interfaces that can support new vehicle connectivity needs.

    In a recent Autonomous Vehicle Technology article, “MIPI Alliance rises to data-transport challenge," Ariel Lasry, MIPI Alliance board member, discusses how MIPI A-PHY is addressing the automotive connectivity challenges by offering a scalable, interoperable and non-proprietary solution that meets a broad spectrum of design needs.

    Standard interfaces in mobile devices helped the mobile industry improve features and performance while keeping costs and power consumption low. MIPI A-PHY is poised to enable similar benefits for the automotive industry.

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